Travelers to Germany get pocket Internet

A new tech start up has opened in Germany that allows foreign visitors an easy, affordable, and portable way to access the internet. deMiFi rents pocket-sized hotspots on a daily or monthly basis to visitors coming from abroad so that they can stay connected to the web no matter where they go. The hotspots work in cities and outdoors, giving holidaymakers and international business people the freedom to roam Germany without worrying about finding internet connections or accruing high data roaming charges.

“We started our company because we saw how difficult it was for friends to connect to the internet when they came to visit us in Germany,” said Moji Taali, CEO. “We founded deMiFi to give people a convenient way to go online while abroad.”

Like any other hotspot, the deMiFi units create an encrypted and strong WiFi signal that will give users a speedy and reliable connection. The beauty of this internet solution is its ease of use, price, and portability. deMiFi has set up everything ahead of time, so customers can just switch it on, log on, and go. The available data plans accommodate both student budgets (2.99€/day for 100MB per day) and the business user’s needs (6.99€/day for 500MB per day). Any of the plans can be augmented with more data at order or after the usage period begins. Perhaps the best part using deMiFi is knowing that it is no longer necessary to hunt for a WiFi café instead of enjoying one’s trip.

The ambitious company, which opened to customers in September, is not content serving only the German inbound market. They already have plans to expand to other European countries in the coming year, and hope to bring on domestic customers for their service in the future.

About deMiFi:
deMiFi ( was founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany by Mojtaba Taali, Ali Cooranloo, and Jeremy Pine. Its offices are housed in the famous Berlin tech hub and co-working space betahaus ( The business’s legal name is GRMN NET GmbH. deMiFi currently partners with both Vodafone Germany and DHL.

The inbound tourism market for Germany is 30M international travelers per year.  Based on statistics from 2012, at least 40% of international travelers use a smartphone or tablet on a daily basis, and this number is only increasing.

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