The Little-Known Healing Waters of Europe

A small town in Eastern Slovenia called Rogaška Slatina hides a wonderful secret deep beneath the ground. For it’s here that people have been visiting for centuries to drink the mineral water, famed for its curative properties due to the high levels of magnesium found within.

The water itself has been used in medicine since 1670, when a Hapsburg court physician and professor introduced it to his court. This lead to the water being used extensively throughout the empire, being prescribed by doctors and gaining recognition for its healing powers. The town quickly became a health resort, with tourism to the area seeing rapid growth in the 19th century. Many hotels were built in the area, and the town was made more accessible with the introduction of the Vienna-Trieste railway line. Today, Rogaška Slatina is still the number one place for health-tourism in Slovenia, and is fast becoming one of the top “healthy retreat” destinations in Europe. Set amongst beautiful countryside, the area is the perfect place to come and unwind, allowing you to leave the stresses of city life behind you.

Thorough research into the water has proved its effectiveness is combating and preventing a wide range of ailments. With the high magnesium levels, the water is particularly effective as a medicine for both digestive ailments and sufferers of diabetes. Pregnant women are often encouraged to up their intakes of magnesium to aid a healthy pregnancy, and it’s not unusual to see large numbers of pregnant ladies in the town.

Nowadays, the product is bottled and sold around the world under the name Donat MG, though the best experience is to drink the water fresh in the town itself! Getting to Rogaška Slatina is very easy, with plenty of airlines flying in to Ljubljana and Zagreb, the two nearest airports to the town. Coming in to either airport leaves you with a short journey by car to the town of around 1 and a half hours.

One of the best ways to experience this healing water is through taking advantage of the Grand Hotel Rogaska’s ( “Healing Powers of Water” package. This package combines a half-board 6 or 13 night stay with daily drinking cures, massages and mineral baths. Prices for this package start from as little as 770 Euros for a single room for 6 nights, with a double room from 1,186 Euros – including all treatments. This splendid hotel has emerged from a single building built by the Hapsburg monarchy in 1813, to become Slovenia’s most historic and well-known thermal spa complex. Steeped in history, the 194 charming rooms of the hotel are full of timeless class and sophistication, epitomised by the magnificent crystal hall that plays host to concerts and balls throughout the year.

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