Thanks for moving my Year of Adventure, John Muir!

Today is John Muir Day. Last summer we backpacked a John Muir Trail, and it desirous my 2017 Year of Adventure. CHRIS LEBLANC PHOTO


Backpacking a John Muir Trail final summer altered my life.

It scarcely pennyless me, and we scarcely quit some-more than once, though in a end, it gave me certainty and an omnivorous longing for some-more adventure. (Read my story about a outing here.)

It even desirous my 2017 Year of Adventure, that continues this week with a story Sunday about my latest part – jumping off a 10-meter dive height during a Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center during a University of Texas.

Pam LeBlanc hikes Mount Whitney on a final day of her 15-day outing on a John Muir Trail final summer. CHRIS LEBLANC PHOTO

The design above was taken on a final day of a 15-day outing on a John Muir Trail. we remember a impulse perfectly. we was looking down on Guitar Lake, glinting distant below, from a raise of burst boulders median adult Mount Whitney, meditative how able this outing done me feel, and how it taught me that even when something felt impossible, that if we kept relocating I’d eventually get to where we was going.

So in respect of John Muir Day today, a Muir quote: “In each travel with inlet one receives distant some-more than he seeks.”

If we adore a inhabitant parks, appreciate Muir. Go outside. Hug a tree. Admire a plants.

And guarantee yourself you’ll take caring of it for a subsequent generation.

LeBlanc pitched a tent nearby Helen Lake on a John Muir Trail. PAM LEBLANC



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