Sail journey a ‘brilliant’ trip

SAILING a high seas on a Leeuwin cruise training boat was an knowledge Liam Seton, 16, will not forget easily.

The Australind teen embarked on an eight-day tour from Bunbury to Fremantle late final year and pronounced a outing was “brilliant”.

When Liam listened how eager his comparison sister returned from a outing on a Leeuwin II a integrate of years ago, he set his mind on carrying a same experience.

Liam pronounced even severe seas, that left many participants sea sick, timed 60-second showers and elementary accommodation in three-tier berth beds, would not deter him from going again as a volunteer.

“It is one of a things we only have to do,” Liam said.

“It was shining and it unequivocally taught me about operative as a group and we all became friends in a end.

“Climbing a pillar was a prominence and it was a good feeling when we all achieved it.

“Every now and afterwards we were out of your comfort section – when we are on watch and it is cold and miserable, we only wish to go to nap though we know there are people next sleeping and we are obliged for them on your watch.

“If we have a ambience for journey and thrills, go for it.”

Harvey shire village growth officer Stella Johnson is now mouth-watering shire residents aged 15 to 25 to request for a subsided place on a Leeuwin II.

For roughly 30 years a council’s Community Sail Training Trust has helped about 5 girl any year to have this knowledge of a lifetime with a support of a Harvey, Brunswick and Australind Lions clubs and a Harvey Rotary Club.

For some-more information on volunteering on a Leeuwin, call a council’s bureau on 9729 0300 or revisit their website.

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