Newlyweds embark on 6 month journey honeymoon – and STILL have no skeleton to lapse home

A loved-up integrate on honeymoon have been pushing their 4×4 on a beaten marks of overwhelming South America though a devise for months.

Confident Dimitri O, 31, proposed to his now mother Sarah by display her an online blog he had combined to request their destiny honeymoon that they embarked on final November.

Not calm with 10 days by a pool, brave newlyweds Dimitri and Sarah, 29, have spent a final 6 months travelling by glacier lakes and rainforests in their marriage car.

Sarah Vleminckx said: “Our wedding was a initial time we got to float a Land Cruiser together as it was a rite automobile that we also used for a print shoot.

The integrate have attempted out kayaking on their extraordinary homeymoon
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The integrate could not be happier on honeymoon
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“People always wait for a impulse or retirement to start vital though theory what, there is no ideal impulse so stop fussy and do what we love.

“We had talked about a skeleton for a destiny and not creation a mistake to postpone dreams.”

Sarah and Dimitri scrapped their severe transport skeleton reduction than dual months into their honeymoon pushing a Toyota Land Cruiser they acted in on their marriage day.

The integrate from Antwerp, Belgium set off to try a impassioned and monumental landscapes of South America 4 months after they tied a tangle in August.

Sarah and Dimitri have no skeleton to lapse home
(Photo: Caters News Agency)

Sarah sacked in her pursuit as a talent manager during a renewable appetite retailer for a honeymoon while operative Dimitri has been means to work on a go as a self-titled digital nomad.

While they waited for a off-road automobile they finished operative on a night before their marriage shipped over, Sarah and Dimitri brushed adult on their Spanish.

Dimitri said: “We both adore highway trips and started to dream about a pan-american overland trip.

“We worked until Saturday dusk late to get a brakes fixed, usually in time! It was Sarah’s initial time behind a circle and she gathering in it to a rite that was a large day for all of us.

Dimitri on his halcyon honeymoon
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“Somewhere in a summer of 2015 we motionless we wanted to do a outing and gave ourselves roughly a year to prepare.

“And by scheming we meant usually a car, we didn’t devise a things to see and do in advance.

“We flew into Buenos Aires Nov 8th 2016, so that’s about 6 months now and we don’t know when we’ll finish a trip.

“We’ll go behind to Belgium when we run out of money, or when we’ll feel like it, leisure is partial of a experience.

The integrate chill out on their travels
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“We were also meditative about removing kids and buy a possess place though we also felt we had to do this large outing now, before carrying these attachments.

It was usually in Nov 2015 that Dimitri suspicion a outing of a lifetime would be fun to do it with his mother as a honeymoon rather than his girlfriend.

He combined a website and trademark for Global Honeymoon and due to Sarah regulating a blog he has set adult formed on their life story to date.

Sarah said: “Generally, we live day-by-day. Our strange devise was to go from Ushuaia, Argentina to Montreal, Canada though after roughly one-and-a-half months on a highway and carrying reached Puerto Natalas in Chile we altered that plan.

The integrate have seen some extraordinary places
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“Many have proven before us we can float a Panamerican Highway from South to North in roughly 6 months though that would meant doing a lot of kilometres each day and that was not a idea of a trip.

“We also listened other travellers were formulation most some-more time than creatively designed finding new places so that done us dump a devise to go serve down Ushuaia aka ‘the finish of a world’ and usually take a highway when and where we felt like it.

“Our start was in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we took a week of complete Spanish School while a automobile was on her approach from Antwerp, Belgium to Montevideo, Uruguay by boat.

“After dual weeks we picked her adult in Montevideo and that was a central start of a highway trip.”

Sarah has been vacant during what she’s seen
(Photo: Caters News Agency)

The tellurian honeymoon has so distant crossed by Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Leaving Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico still to be explored.

“The best highway so distant has been a Carretera Austral in Patagonian Chile that some do in a integrate of days though we took dual weeks to cranky a 1000 km highway opposite glacier lakes and rainforest.

“The best wildlife knowledge has been assembly sea lions adult tighten in Punta Ninfa’s. It’s not good famous to traveller as they all go to parks with an opening price and barriers.”

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