Mulberry River Float Trip With Turner Bend

Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas, we went floating on a Mulberry River, Turner Bend guided us down a stream for a personal debate and experience.

“Well right now is primary time here on a Mulberry,” pronounced Brad Wimberly owners and manager of Turner Bend.

Wimberly pronounced people come from all over to suffer aqua immature waters.

“Right now we have people from New Orleans, we have dual groups from Kansas City, lots of locals, dual other groups entrance from Louisiana they will be here in a day or two, people from Oklahoma, we meant right now is primary time for a Mulberry,” pronounced Wimberly.

And Wimberly pronounced this is only a commencement of a rush.

People only group here when a conditions are right we know they are entrance by a bundles, like final Saturday a H2O was a tiny low, though golly everybody was carrying a good time and hopefully we have a lot of that forward of us here,” pronounced Wimberly.

Along a approach we saw some caves, skipped rocks, highway a rapids, and saw some geese take off from a water.

Wimberly pronounced to know your ability turn and devise accordingly for your stream adventure.

“Before entrance here people need to check a H2O level, we post it on a website we can also find it on a Arkansas dug-out bar website.. if a Mulberry is adult like it competence be this weekend if it rains it’s not for beginners” pronounced Wimberly.

But a knowledge is one of a kind.

“You competence come behind with a skinned knee or a blemish on your arm or we competence have mislaid your shirt or something like that, though we are going to go home with a story to tell,” pronounced Wimberly.

And with all that fun, he encourages people to be safe!

“Well wear your life coupler or have it right there where we can squeeze it, we can't tie it in a vessel or we will get a ticket, though it’s only good common clarity to wear your life jacket,” pronounced Wimberly.

Turner Bend is a tiny operation, though Wimberly pronounced he likes it that way.

“I meant I’ve ran 5 shuttles myself currently and I’m a owners so we know removing to accommodate a business and that’s what it’s all about here,” pronounced Wimberly.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy.

For some-more information about Turner Bend, click here!

For a stream turn conditions, click here!

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