France Cruises Now Booking For The Holiday Season

Jean-Francois Dabrowski, president of France Cruises, is pleased to announce new holiday cruise packages, and specials. This holiday season, celebrate with an incredible winter experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world- France.

Cruise aboard a luxury riverboat or barges through the famous rivers of France. Whether you love the lights of Paris, or the quiet countryside, France Cruises offers tours through many regions in France. These cruises are short, affordable, and the expert travel specialists at France Cruises will handle all pre and post cruise desires for guests.

Destinations hand-selected for this winter include:

o   Paris- starting at U.S. $1,005 per person

o   Alsace- starting at U.S. $479 per person

o   Bordeaux- starting at U.S. $916 per person

o   Provence- starting at U.S. $800 per person

Additionally, any France Cruises vacation can be complemented with the Exclusive Winter Holiday Paris Package starting at U.S. $975, offering an additional 4-day, 3-nights in Paris.

For more information about these holiday cruise specials, please visit the France Cruises’ website here (, or call U.S. toll-free 1 (866) 498-3920. If you are a member of the media, and would like more information, to speak with a company executive, high-resolution images and more, please contact Kerry Sutherland at K. Sutherland PR (949) 382-4895,


About France Cruises

Explore the beautiful landscapes of France on a traveling hotel, where no detail has been overlooked and no dream is unimaginable. A vacation with France Cruises offers you the most authentic, and personal experience possible. The all-inclusive, luxury cruises can be tailored specifically to meet your needs and desires, and cruises can accommodate an intimate, small group or up to 24 passengers. The France Cruises travel specialists, who are French natives, offering unsurpassed expertise and valuable local contacts, arrange even your pre and post cruise accommodations.

Whether you dream of touring Provence and the rich southern French landscape; prefer to explore the French wine, chocolate and gourmet food scene; would like to visit some of the oldest, most well-known French chateaux; or opt for cruising through some of France’s largest, historical cities- you can be sure your vacation will be first-class all the way. France Cruises experiences are personalized specifically to your every need and desire.

The trip of a lifetime begins when you contact France Cruises©.

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