Adventure Hunt Coming To Sacramento This Weekend

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento will shortly be a site for a large scavenger hunt. On Saturday, Adventure Hunt will take place in a city. The thought was innate 3 years ago to get people out and relocating and to also learn new things about their city.

It’s a complicated day value hunt—Sacramento’s unequivocally possess chronicle of “The Amazing Race” right in your possess backyard.

Adventure Hunt Vice President Garret Swenson said, “We wanted to find a approach to get people out to try their city to find tour right during home.”

On Saturday, Adventure Hunt is entrance to Sacramento to take adrenaline junkies on a furious ride.

“We spent a lot of time, have finished a lot of investigate to find things that are unequivocally cold and singular about Sacramento,” pronounced Swenson, “and we wish people to be means to get out and find those things.”

From hiking and biking, to exploring and even eating though regulating your hands, a scavenger hunt is all mapped out in your intelligent phone.

Here’s how it works: Your tour will start during home with one teammate. You’ll afterwards accept clues about where to go and what to do next. Each finished charge gets we points and leads we closer to a buried treasure

Swenson said, “We literally are burying a value chest somewhere in a city of Sacramento.”

The initial place leader wins a outing to Panama, Go Pros and tour gear. Hunters contingency have an Instragram comment to post their progress, and a usually other order is to make a hunt as epic and fun as possible.

“Our indication is some-more behind a adventure. You’re sport for value though we wish we sport for adventure,” says Swenson,

For some-more information on “Adventure Hunt’ and how to register, revisit

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